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ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS- Our curriculum is English-based, as it is our primary language of instruction.  Guamaní Private School serves children with average to gifted academic ability.  The school seeks students who thrive in a challenging academic environment. The school seeks an appropriate mix of backgrounds in each class.  The school encourages applications from families of all income levels.


Admission is based on the following:

The first step in the admission process is that the parents of the applicant must pick up a copy of the application at the administration office or return it via email to schoolinfo@guamani.com.   The application is available here to download.  Normally the admission test is given the day after the application has been submitted to the registrar’s office and parents will be informed of the admission decision the day after the test.

Once preliminary accepted, a student cannot be considered enrolled until his parents have been interviewed by the principal of the entrance grade, pay the registration fee and return a copy of his admission letter signed by them and thereby acknowledging the conditions of his admission.


The determination of acceptance and/or enrollment is based upon the following:

  1. As previously indicated, Guamaní Private School, as a private educational institution, reserves the right to determine the composition of its student body.
  2. Complying with the above application process does not guarantee acceptance for enrollment.
  3. Candidates are informed of the decision of the Administration with respect of their acceptance by Guamaní Private School by means of a letter from the office of the Director. Candidates who are accepted by GPS are to matriculate the next day after receiving the letter of acceptance. Matriculation is completed by presenting in the office the forms required and by payment of the necessary fees.
  4. Candidates who are placed on the waiting list may contact the school at their convenience for further details.
  5. All acceptances shall be regarded as conditional pending the final reports of the candidate from his previous school and the successful completion of any required summer studies.
  6. The understanding and acceptance of, and willingness and ability to comply with, the philosophy, standards, and rules of GPS as stated clearly in this handbook and other official school publications or documents.
  7. All new students will be on academic/disciplinary probation for the first semester of the school year in which the student has been enrolled.
  8. Guamaní School reserves it’s right to grant or not the admission or re-enrollment of any student whose conduct does not meet the criteria as stated above and/or if the school does not meet the aspiring students’ special educational needs.
  9. Any sibling must apply for enrollment in the same manner as all other students. Admission of a sibling does not guarantee the admission of another.

Once an applicant has been informed of his or her admission, thee following must be completed before final admission:

  1. Registration form signed with payment in full must be submitted.
  2. Complete and return the following documents with the registration form
    1. Parents commitment to adhere to school’s policies contract signed.
    2. The GPS official health form,
    3. A current P-VAC-3 vaccination form
    4. A copy of one’s birth certificate.
    5. A copy of the student’s transcripts must be provided for the current school year as well as for the previous year
    6. A brief letter, note, or form from the principal or director of the student’s current school indicating the student’s record of behavior
    7. Schedule and have an interview with the principal of the division of the school to which the student is applying. An interview cannot take place if the student has not taken the admission test and if the parents have not submitted, or are not prepared to submit at the time of the interview, the student’s transcripts.