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The Guamani School curriculum offers a college preparatory program.

In Pre-kindergarten it is for the most their first experience with a school environment where they begin to learn to become independent and a member of a group of youngsters that share and learn together. It is the beginning of a quality English base education which will prepare the child for tomorrow’s challenging and demanding world.  The child will explore at this level the world of self and family, gradually building by means of visual, auditory, and motor exercises an awareness of the more complex world beyond world and the classroom.

Kindergarten; the first step into formal education. In Pre-kindergarten the child learned several language skills and social roles that will facilitate experiences in kindergarten. Besides learning to grow socially, the child in kindergarten will learn Reading and Math readiness skills which are prerequisite for First Grade.

In all grades first through 12 classes are taught in English.

Exceptions to this include the daily Spanish classes. Also, when deemed necessary due to contingencies beyond the control of the administration of the school, other classes may be taught in Spanish.

Grades 1 to 3  – A solid foundation is stressed in the basic subjects of Reading, English, Phonics, Spelling, Spanish, Arithmetic, Science, and Social Studies. Physical Education is also required, as well as Penmanship (1-6). Formal instruction in Computer is also offered.

Grades 4 t0 6 – All subjects are departmentalized preparing the student for to become self learners, independent  and ready for the middle school. Each student is required to have a tablet or laptop for classes.  With the use of digital learning resources and the classrooms equipped with smart boards and fiber optic wifi the student acquires more challenging skills in the core subjects.

Grades 7 to 8 – Emphasis on good character and sound habits is continued, with encouragement of independent and critical thinking. The basics continue to be stressed, including math, science, P.R. History social studies, geography, and Spanish and English grammar and literature.  The use of digital learning resources in continued in grades 7 to 12.

Grade 9 – English literature and grammar, Spanish literature and grammar, Algebra I, Physical Science, World History I, and Physical Education/Health form the basic requirements.

Grade 10 – English literature and grammar, Spanish literature and grammar, Geometry, World History II, Biology, and an elective form the basic requirements.

Grade 11- English literature and grammar, Spanish literature and grammar, Algebra II, American History, Chemistry, and an elective form the basic requirements.

Grade 12 – English literature and grammar, Spanish literature and grammar, Puerto Rico History, Calculus, Pre-calculus, and an elective form the basic requirements.

Electives in grades 10-12 – Vary from year to year but typically include Accounting, Computer Science, Science Investigation, Environmental Science, Government and Civics, Physics, Creative Writing, Psychology, CPR and First Aid, Communications and Mass Media, Acting, Journalism, Sociology and French.

Guamaní Private School educational program seeks to challenge the student in a rigorous college prep curriculum, by this belief it is compulsory for students who take the advanced course of Calculus to take Physics in the 12th grade.

NOTE: Students who are in the accelerated honors math program may take Calculus in their senior year, thus graduating with 24 credits. All students, except seniors, must be enrolled in a course for every class hour of the day. It should be noted that Guamaní Private School has the right to alter its academic program in its offerings at any given time including minimum credits for graduation.